Supporting Restoration of Aquaculture in Al-Raqqa Governorate - Phase I

For many years, many of Al-Raqqa residents depended on fishing in the Euphrates and fish farming as one source of their livelihoods in addition to agriculture and livestock breeding.  However, due to the conflict and recent influx of displaced families and returnees to Al-Raqqa, vital sectors suffered many setbacks  which called for interventions to help improve food security and livelihood opportunities of extremely vulnerable host community members, returnees and IDPs in the governorate.

To that end, the SRTF, in cooperation with a non-governmental organization with experience in implementing similar projects will implement  this project, which aims to  develop and restore fish production in seven local communities who have been heavily affected by the internal displacement movement, and in order to help promote self-reliance, resilience and empowerment amongst the IDP community while contributing to the local economy.. The specific objectives of the Intervention are:

  1. To improve livelihoods for displacement-affected host communities and returnees through aquaculture asset replacement grants. And this will provide the growing population with a sustainable source of affordable fish.
  2. To improve access to income and food security needs in the seven selected locations through provision of cash-for-work. This will also enable the fish farmers to build sustainable businesses.


With a total budget of EUR 785 thousand, the intervention is expected to be completed within a period of six months and it will benefit 1,194 fish farmers and workers on these farms. Some 110,000 community members will also benefit indirectly in Al-Raqqa due to the support this intervention will have on Food Security.


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