Rubble Removal in Eight Communities of Dar’a Governorate

The war in Syria caused extensive destruction of infrastructure and residential buildings and generated massive amounts of rubble of construction materials. In Dar’a Governorate alone, it is estimated that 60,000 houses (homes for approximately 360,000 people) have been destroyed. This has resulted in millions of cubic meters of rubble. Local Council sources and the Syrian Civil Defence (SCD) estimate the rates of destruction in residential areas to vary between 15% and 90%. As a result, many roads connecting residential neighbourhoods and public infrastructure are blocked or have limited access. About 1.8 million cubic meters of rubbles need to be removed, so that streets can be reopened for public transportation and movement of persons and goods.


The lack of suitable equipment necessary to load and transport the rubble to designated out of town locations is hindering the efforts of the SCD and local councils to carry out this task effectively. They need some basic equipment in order to efficiently remove, load and dispose of the rubble and debris. Therefore, the SRTF developed this project - in cooperation with the SCD as an implementing entity - placing the supply of the needed equipment and inputs as its main objective. Hence, the SCD will be provided with the following equipment and spare parts:

  • Six Skid-Steer Loaders
  • Three Backhoes (medium size) with their respective attachments (jack hammers)
  • Three small size trucks (3-tons each)
  • Six agricultural tractors (80-100 HP) equipped with front-end loaders and with steel-frame tipping trailers
  • Four water tanker trucks (15,000 Liters each)
  • Generators of different sizes with control panels
  • Ten motorcycles
  • Power tools (i.e. concrete and steel disc saws, chain saws, etc.)
  • Maintenance tools, safety/protection clothing and gear


The project will empower the SCD, being a public entity, to respond effectively to emergencies caused by the conflict events in eight communities of Dar’a Governorate. It will also increase the levels of safety for these communities through the controlled removal of rubble from unsafe residential structures, thus, gradually helping them return to normal activities within their neighbourhoods. Some 60,000 households (about 360,000 people) will benefit from this project.


At a total cost of approximately EUR 3.84 million, the project will be implemented and completed within 24 months from the date of signing of the financing agreement, including post-implementation monitoring and evaluation activities.


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