Rehabilitation of Twenty Six (26) Schools in Dar’a Governorate

Since the start of conflict in Syria, the Governorate of Dar’a continues to suffer heavy shelling, resulting in disruption of public services and the heavy destruction of critical infrastructure, including educational facilities.


The functionality of schools, and that of the education sector in general, have reached an unacceptable low level. Many schools have been abandoned as a result of massive destruction. In other areas, children are forced to attend school in dilapidated buildings. Health problems arise during the winter months, as the lack of windows and doors in many of these schools limit the use and effectiveness of their heating systems.


Therefore, the project aims to rehabilitate and renovate some 26 selected schools by implementing various activities, which include the following:

  • Civil works for schools, including restoration works (structural reinforcement & rehabilitation of classroom spaces integrated with repairs, plumbing [for sanitary facilities] as well as electricity-related and carpentry works, etc).
  • Procurement and supply of fixed and consumable goods. These include solar energy systems for basic lighting to each school and to ensure a reliable source of power for heating. These also include IT equipment and software for educational programmes, training for all teachers and supply of heaters for school classrooms (funds for fuel to be included). In addition, generators for electricity supply to schools and IT Lab rooms (funds for fuel to be included) will be covered by the projects. Furniture, playground equipment and educational consumables, including stationery, backpacks, uniforms and alike, will also be provided.
  • Staff salaries; workshops and trainings to increase the institutional capacity of the implementing entity and increase the number of qualified and trained educators.


The successful implementation of all phases of this project is expected to ensure the continuation of the educational programme and attendance as well as access to school of all children in Dar’a Governorate. The project will also increase the number of trained teachers who are actively educating students in the target communities and provide employment opportunities for local contractors and artisans.


The estimated duration of the project is 24 months with a total budget of approximately EUR 4.4 million.  It will benefit around 114,650 inhabitants in Dar’a governorate. For more information, please see:


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