Support to Health Services in Dar'a Governorate

Before the outbreak of conflict in Syria, the mainstream health services were provided by the public sector. The private sector’s health services were supplementary to those of the public sector. Critical health services were centralized in Damascus and in the capital city of each governorate.


Since the start of the conflict, local medical groups (i.e. doctors, nurses and paramedical staff) have attempted to provide alternative health services. These groups relied on private hospitals, newly established health centers, and some public hospitals.


Due to damages caused by bombing to the health facilities and the cessation of financial and material support from the Ministry of Health in Damascus, the capacity of the health sector in the governorate of Dar’a has been reduced and remains inadequate to meet the needs of the population.


This project aims to support the implementing entity to enhance health services in Dar’a governorate through the introduction of a series of activities, which includes civil works in two hospitals to prepare adequate and suitable space for installation of one CT-Scan device (Computed Tomography Scan Unit) and one oxygen generator with a filling station, including piping and electrical supply. In addition, it includes renovation of the Implementing Entity and the emergency response unit offices. Hence, the project seeks to procure and deliver the following items:

  • One CT-Scan device, plus required spare parts and accessories, including but not limited to electricity generator, voltage regulator, UPS, inverter, etc.
  • Two oxygen generators - each coming with one filling station that has a production capacity of 24-40L cylinders per day - as well as spare parts and accessories, including but not limited to electricity generator, maintenance tools packages, etc.
  • 15 ambulances to be distributed to different locations in the governorate.
  • Office assets, laptops, printers and two electricity generators for IE offices.


Furthermore, the project will provide staff salaries for IE staff members, and also the required training on the operation and maintenance of the aforementioned supplied goods (CT-Scan, oxygen generators, and ambulances).


With an estimated duration of 18 months, the project will help in increasing the institutional capacity of the IE,  enhance health services and provide ambulance services to 15 communities in Dar’a Governorate. The project will directly benefit more than 100,000 people in the project locations, and indirectly around 800,000 beneficiaries in the surrounding areas.


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