Livelihood Intervention in Ar-Raqqa Begins Home Repairs and Rehabilitation of Water Pumps

Ar-Raqqa – Friday, April 30, 2021 – The SRTF is pleased to report that activities started under the livelihood intervention, “Custom Home Repairs, Water Access and Cash Assistance to Stabilize Communities (Phase III)”. The implementing entity (IE) began cash-for-work (CfW) activities for the following works: Plastering, painting, and small electrical and carpentry works in classrooms and WASH facilities in the targeted communities. In addition to CfW activities, home repair/shelter rehabilitation works began under two different modalities. The repair of homes follows two modalities, one by covering costs of rehabilitation of 750 houses of qualified and selected beneficiaries and the second is following subcontract modality for the repair of 250 houses.


In addition to the start of these activities, rehabilitation works began for two water pumping stations. The works include the replacement of pumping sets and related electrical and mechanical components, as well as upgrades to chlorination systems and design layouts.


This intervention, which has a budget of EUR 2.1 million, will benefit 1,000 households who will benefit from CfW activities, 1,000 households who will benefit from home repairs, and 24,000 households who will have increased access to clean and potable water.


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Custom Home Repairs, Water Access and Cash for Work Assistance to Stabilize Communities - Phase III


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