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Rehabilitation of a Medical Facility and Support for Two Health Facilities in Northern Aleppo
The surge in civilians in need of medical treatment for injuries caused by bombings, explosive remnants, or minefields such as burns and bone injuries required immediate medical attention however, the injured civilians are taken to remote areas to receive the necessary medical treatment, due to th...
Supporting Health Services in the North Aleppo Countryside
In the northern Aleppo countryside, hospitals and health centres are unable to meet necessary requirements due to a lack of equipment, supplies, medicines, and staff capacities.   Additionally, the growth of the area’s population and the arrival of newly displaced persons due to population move...
Support to Health Services in Dar'a Governorate
Before the outbreak of conflict in Syria, the mainstream health services were provided by the public sector. The private sector’s health services were supplementary to those of the public sector. Critical health services were centralized in Damascus and in the capital city of each governorat...
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