The SRTF delivers class room furniture to schools in Aleppo Governorate

Turkey – Sunday, 15 January, 2017 – The SRTF Management Unit today delivered a large quantity of class room furniture to local schools in Aleppo Governorate. The shipment contains enough materials to cover the educational needs of some 40 class rooms. These include student desks, teacher office desks, teacher chairs, book cases, white boards, etc. The delivery took place at a zero point on the Turkish-Syrian borders in coordination with the Turkish authorities.

Extended under the SRTF Filling the Void project, the delivery comes as part of the project’s strategy of serving the educational needs of children in the prolonged Syrian crisis through rehabilitated schools and class rooms.

With a total budget of almost EUR 3 million, the Filling the Void project is working across all sectors to address the urgent need of stabilizing local communities in liberated areas.



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